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Thank you for making HFC's 15th Annual Lanes for Friendship 2021 a success raising over $45,000!  

See below if you missed Joe Mauer's videos. 

Video #3 - find out Joe Mauer's nickname!
Video #2 - with rally cap of course!
Anyone who donates $500 or more to this year’s Lanes for Friendship fundraising campaign will be eligible to win a baseball bat signed by the late, great Kirby Puckett. And, we’re counting early donations twice – so if you donate before November 6, you’ll have double the chance of winning. Donate online below or mailed donations postmarked by November 6.
Video #1 - kick off Lanes fundraiser with Joe Mauer
Our annual Lanes for Friendship is Highland Friendship Club’s (HFC) largest fundraising event of the year and is crucial to making sure we can continue providing important programs to our members. Although we typically fill a bowling alley with our friends, members, staff, sponsors and supporters, this year we have opted to change lanes. Instead of holding an in-person event, we’re holding a one-month fundraising campaign with some fun twists.
As always, Minnesota Twins legend Joe Mauer will be participating in this year’s event. You will hear from Joe in a series of short videos with HFC members that will be released throughout the campaign. And you might even receive a call from Joe!  
Our sponsor levels this year include:
  • All donors will be entered into a drawing for memorabilia signed by Twins Legends
  • Those who donate $1,000 and more, receive a baseball signed by Joe Mauer
  • Those who donate $5,000 and more, can choose from a collection of memorabilia and swag signed by Joe. Additionally, your company logo can appear in Lanes for Friendship communications.
  • Those who donate $10,000 or more, are offered a phone call or video call with Joe. Include friends, family, colleagues if desired.

Or by Mail: Highland Friendship Club, PO Box 16437, St Paul MN 55116

We hope you will support us this year, as demand for HFC programs has increased as members and families strive for meaningful connections, a place to learn and connect with their communities. Thanks to donors like you, the joy of connecting and belonging continues at HFC.

Your donation expands possibilities and enriches lives of people with disabilities.

Thank you for considering a donation. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please connect Patty Dunn, ED at 651-239-8906 pattyd@highlandfriendshipclub.org. Or volunteer Lanes Leads John Bobzien (john.bobzien007@gmail.com) or Scott Sahli (scsahli@microsoft.com) and info@highlandfriendshipclub.org works too.

For "Memory Lanes", check out this 2 minute video from 2019











Be A Friend 2021 Happy Hour


Check out the video presentation link below from Highland Friendship Club's Be A Friend spring fundraiser filmed on location at DeGidio's Restaurant and Bar. You'll get an update on HFC, and see a cooking demonstration by DeGidio’s Chef Shane and two of HFC's own cooks!





Be A Friend Luncheon 

HFC hosts the Be A Friend Luncheon annually in the spring to enlist the help of local community members to support HFC programs. With the help of DeGidio’s Restaurant and Bar, HFC Table Captains invite their families and friends to experience what the organization is all about while HFC members, staff and Board members share their passion for the Friendship Club. Over this delicious lunch, the HFC community grows as new volunteers and donors alike join in on the fun!
Community Picnic-Sunday

Every summer, the entire community is invited to come together in Highland Park for a fun day of celebrating the Highland Friendship Club community. This is a celebration of HFC members, parents, caregivers, volunteers, staff and more! The intent is for everyone to come together in a casual setting on a beautiful summer day to enjoy one another's company. HFC is truly blessed with a huge community of support... don't miss you chance to join us for this free event!

The Really Big Game

Come Cheer Us On! Each year, the Highland Area Baseball Association hosts HFC members under the big lights at the Highland Little League Fields as they play in The Really Big Game. The Really Big Game is just that: a huge game of baseball in which HFC members, coached by volunteers, play against one another while the crowd watches! The St. Paul Saints baseball team serve as the evening’s announcers whilst playing organ music and cheering on HFC members alongside their enthusiastic supporters.



Lanes for Friendship

Highland Friendship Club's biggest fundraiser of the year, Lanes for Friendship, is one event you don't want to miss! Sponsors of the event get the opportunity to have lunch and bowl with celebrity guest Joe Mauer and other special guests. HFC members enjoy a private Meet and Greet with Joe before bowling. A celebration of fun and friendship.   


HFC Member

"HFC you’re the best, you rock!
HFC has helped me focus on some of my hobbies... I have met some cool people and great leaders. Some of my favorite programs are Glee Club, tennis, Girl's Night Out, and cooking class. I love the field trips like the ball games too! And thank you HFC for all the fun times... it means the world to me!"