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Highland Friendship Club offers an extensive variety of low cost activities that are fun and beneficial for our members' social lives as well as educational. Offerings continually adapt in response to the ages and interests of members.  Create an account and register for activities through Active site. 
Important note: Unfortunately Active times out after 15 minutes of registration time. To keep from losing your registration information because of the time out, it may work best to register for classes in one-month periods of time vs trying to complete a full semester of registrations within that 15 minute period.
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Community Engagement
HFC members promote self-advocacy and increased confidence as well as practice safety skills during these fun and casual community-based activities.
Examples: Girl’s and Boy's Night Out, Adventure Days, Friday Fun
Artistic Expression
HFC’s wide array of artistic opportunities highlight the creativity, ability and capacity of our members who are differently-abled not dis-abled.
Examples: Glee Club, Photography With Your Phone
Health and Wellness
HFC members LOVE to exercise and learn new wellness practices that help them lead healthier lives daily!
Examples: Mindful Movement, Cooking, Get Up and Get Healthy, Bowling, Water Aerobics, Get Fit Like Rocky, Yoga
Fun with Friends
Everyone needs time to unwind and hang with friends! HFC offers several chances to do just that: relax, catch up, and visit with your friends!
Examples: Birthday Bash, Game Nights, Movie Night, Trivia Night
Community Club
HFC proudly offers innovative day activities for our members who choose to spend their days in the community. Community Club is quickly becoming a model of how people with developmental disabilities can become more a part of their communities on a daily basis. 
Examples: Out and About, Book Club, Musical Exploration, Card Making, Wilder Events


HFC Member

"HFC has really changed my life with all the activities I do. I have made a lot of new friends. And I started participating in Special Olympics when HFC formed a team to join. I play flag football, basketball, bocce ball and golf! I like all the HFC activities I do, but my favorites might have to be cooking, card making, and Friday Night Out"


HFC Member

"I have tons of friends that are in the Friendship Club! HFC means a lot to me because of the friendships... It is so fun to go to dancing, and I love the kids at Cretin, too! I like friends, swimming and golf with HFC and Girl's Night Out!"