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In addition to members and their families, the Highland Friendship Club community is made up of business partners, donors, volunteers and more! This large and supportive HFC community is full of passionate, caring people who guarantee the daily success of the organization. HFC believes that sharing personal experiences, information and resources among that community is not only important, but critical to the overall happiness and success of us all.

Here you can find information about Highland Friendship Club’s resources for parents and caregivers such as annual workshops and special events. You can also check out the Community Resources page to find further information about organizations within the community that provide services and supports to people with disabilities.


HFC Member

My favorite HFC class was Movie Magic and I have been in 5 movies. I have grown as a member and I treasure the friendships I have made with friends and staff. I am becoming more independent in the group home that I have lived in for 4 weeks. HFC is one of the reasons I am able to make this transition in my life.


HFC Sibling

"Oh the things you can find, if you don't stay behind." -Dr. Suess
"Like good ol' Dr. Suess, HFC believes there are plenty of things in the world to discover. Mike can get out front and face things head on and gosh there is plenty for him to see, thanks to HFC!"