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Highland Friendship Club (HFC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that its members have ample chances to build personal relationships, explore new interests, and form lasting friendships with people of all abilities.  Additionally, HFC provides parents and caregivers with options, support and hope!

The mission of Highland Friendship Club is to serve individuals with disabilities from teens, age 13 and older, and adults by providing a range of opportunities to develop lifelong skills, friendships and connections within their community.

HFC is proud of the number of its volunteers, partner organizations and local businesses.  We're all about exploring, experiencing and tapping into what our great community has to offer!


HFC Parent

"Highland Friendship Club is a lifeline to hundreds of young adults with disabilities. When I think of the daily experiences our members are provided, I realize how fortunate they are to experience enriching opportunities where they can grow and develop new and rewarding skills. Their days are spent with a community of people in an environment filled with joy, acceptance and mutual respect."