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HFC welcomes teens and adults, ages 14 and up, with developmental and/or physical disabilities to join the club

Become a Member

To join Highland Friendship Club (HFC), simply follow these steps:
1) Review our Member Program Policies (below)
2) Complete this Member Questionnaire

Member Questionnaire

3) Complete this HFC Waiver

Member Waiver

4) Register for classes in Active Net using the link below  
When on the Active Net landing page, click View to the right of Member Registration
Select the classes you are interested in. 
Then, if you are a first-time user to Active Net, after you've selected some classes, and go to Your Shopping Cart, you will be prompted to provide additional registration information to create your account. Note: whatever email you provide will be the email all class information is sent to. 
This Active Net account will allow you to register for classes, receive email updates from HFC, and provide us with your emergency contact information.
After completing the steps above, you are officially a member of Highland Friendship Club! We are happy to have you and look forward to being your friends! 
Here is what our members and families have to say about HFC.

Member Benefits

By becoming a member of Highland Friendship Club, you will:

  • Meet new friends
  • Develop life skills to promote independence and a more active life
  • Build confidence to make personal choices and advocate on behalf of yourself
  • Engage and connect with the larger community in meaningful ways
  • Explore and experience new interests through ever-changing programs


HFC Member

"Highland Friendship Club has a LOT of really fun and different things to do. Everybody knows my name and are so nice to me ALL THE TIME! I always get a lot of high fives and fist bumps. They ask me what do I think about things, listen to me, let me help, and tell me how smart I am. I can't wait to go to all activities and ask my Grandmother every day when I get home from school, HFC tonight?!"


HFC Member

I have been in HFC since I was a teenager. I was one of the youngest members. In the beginning there weren't as many members as we have now. I am glad that we keep new members! What I like best about HFC are the instructors. They always make me feel welcomed. They help me when I need help and encourage me when I think I can't do something. They make each class fun by having us try new things!