Our Impact

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  • Serving about 200 members as well as their family and caregivers

  • Activities 7 days a week, online and in-person programs 

  • Over 30 program offerings per week. 


Highland Friendship Club offers teens, age 13 and up, and adults with disabilities opportunities to fully engage in their community and connect with others in ways that are meaningful and aligned with their personal choices and desires. HFC members make friends, learn new skills and become healthier, happier individuals. They form bonds with each other and create communities of support.



HFC Member

When I was little, my mom worried about my future, and if I would have friends and a social life... I could be busy all day, every day... HFC means I didn't spend my summer, or weekends isolated. It means getting out in the community, acceptance, trying and learning new things. It means having a social calendar that would be exhausting to most. Most of all, HFC means lifelong friendships!


HFC Member

"I really enjoy all the activities like softball games, movie making, cooking, and dances. HFC has given me new confidence, and I really have made new friends that I’ve had for years and years. At HFC I am loved and I feel like I’m the best person in the world!"