May Online Classes

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Here are the online classes we have in May! 

Arts & Crafts Online

We have so many items around our house that we can use creatively to make arts and crafts. Join HFC for an hour of arts and crafts fun using items we all have in our homes!

Click here to see the upcoming projects and the supplies you'll need!

Book Club Online

Weekly meetings begin with general sharing, welcoming and settling in. Sara Conley, HFC Volunteer Extraordinaire, guides the discussion and helps with words if someone gets stuck. Some members are echo readers. They repeat the words of a helper who quietly reads the text first word by word. Some members simply enjoy listening while others feel more comfortable moving around.

Please join your HFC friends for a fun and exciting Bingo game from the comfort of your home!

Dance Club Online

Open to ALL members! No age or ability limits. This program teaches dance with the help from student volunteers at University of St. Thomas. Each meeting, participants will learn basic dance skills alongside their friends, and will have plenty of opportunities for dance parties during the class! 

Fit With Friends Online 

Join us online for Fit with Friends! During this class we will complete a warm-up, stretch, and get moving together! The equipment you will need is:

- A chair

- Boxing gloves are optional

- Pair of light dumbbells, or you can use items such as plastic water bottles, soup cans, etc.

Game night online

Join your HFC friends for games, conversation, and fun! We will be choosing a game that can be played online in the comfort of your own home!

Get Fit Like Rocky Online

As you read this, we hope the Rocky theme song is playing in your head! At a “Get Fit Like Rocky” class, each member practices boxing exercises with Nick and HFC staff. Join us for a fun opportunity to work on coordination and endurance, and relieve some stress! This class is FULLY INCLUSIVE to members of all abilities, and members can participate sitting or standing. You do not need boxing gloves to participate.

Get Up Get Healthy Online 

Come make fitness and healthy choices a part of your life while having fun at the same time. Classes will include stretching, cardio, strength exercises in addition to learning lessons about healthy living and healthy snacking… and much more! All fitness and mobility abilities will benefit.

Glee Club Online

Join us as Madelyn Herbrand — Music Therapist Extraordinaire from MacPhail Center for Music — leads us through vocal warm-ups, exercises, and sign-a-longs during our Glee Club Online. Come and sing your heart out with your friends!

Karaoke Online

Do you love to sing? Do you love to spend time with your HFC friends? Then karaoke is for you! Join HFC staff and members as we sing our favorite songs together!

Music Exploration Online

Participants in this music class will have opportunities to develop or enhance their enjoyment of music! Community building and personal exploration will be the focus of a curriculum filled with games, physicality, and imagination. No matter what kind of music you prefer, there’s something for everyone in this program!

Music Trivia Online

Come play Music Trivia with your HFC friends! Each week will feature songs from different genres of music. Members will guess the name of the song from a multiple-choice list.

No-Bake Home Cooking

Join HFC staff member Paula Keys to learn how to make simple and creative recipes at home that do not require a stove or an oven! A list of ingredients needed for the recipes will be sent in advance of the class to ensure you have all the supplies you need! The ingredients list can also be found here.

Picture Trivia Online

Join your HFC friends for a trivia game that uses pictures as part of the trivia questions. Each week will have a theme, such as television shows, movies, and more!           

Scavenger Hunt
Search for a list of items in your homes to share with your friends at HFC during our Scavenger
Hunt! This is a chance to have fun and get to know one another as you search for and share
your items together!                                                                

Scouting at Home 

Our program is a partnership with Northern Star Scouting and the MN Center for Independent Living. HFC staff will work together with these organizations to deliver a fun and exciting hands-on curriculum that focuses on leadership, character education, communication skills, and team building. Currently this program is only open to members who have participated in Base Camp activities in the past.

Story Building Online

Calling storytellers of all imaginations and abilities! Join this fun class to build and tell original stories made by you: the HFC members! We will work as a team to create group and individual stories via writing, typing, drawing, speaking, signing, or any communication mode of your preference. Topics may include anything- including animals, princesses, superheroes, current events, history, and many more!

Virtual Dance with St. Thomas Special Olympics

Come dance the night away with our friends from St. Thomas Special Olympics! They will be hosting a virtual dance party for any HFC members that wish to join!