Eventual Return to In-Person Classes

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February 11, 2021

During the current global pandemic, Highland Friendship Club has been making sure our members can stay connected virtually through our classes, clubs, and many social opportunities. Via Zoom, we are reaching about 170 members during 35 classes, seven days a week. 

We are looking forward to returning to in-person classes when it is safe and appropriate to do so. As we plan for this, we are closely monitoring federal CDC recommendations and state requirements, and we are seeking input from our community partners and members. But with so many unknowns – including the timeline for the distribution of vaccines – we do not yet have a solid date for returning to in-person classes. 

In the meantime, we have learned that our virtual programs are effective. Those who may have had challenges traveling to our in-person sites can now connect more easily from their homes. While this virtual format could never entirely replace the value of meeting in person, we do expect that our future holds a hybrid of both in-person and virtual classes. 

We will keep you updated as we near a more concrete plan. As always, we are grateful for the commitment of our staff, our board, our donors, our community partners, and, most of all, our members and their families as we work every day to achieve the mission of HFC. 

Thank you. 


Contact: info@highlandfriendshipclub.org