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Our staff includes an Executive Director, Program Manager, part-time Office Administrator and part-time Program Staff who lead HFC classes and activities. All have extensive experience working with teens and adults with disabilities, and most carry advanced degrees in special education, occupational therapy, and other related fields.

Highland Friendship Club is continually looking for qualified and bright people to join our experienced staff. Open positions will be posted to the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Job Board. If interested, please send your cover letter and resume to:


Patty Dunn

Executive Director

Patty Dunn joined HFC in Sept 2020, after roles in communications, marketing and fundraising in the Twin Cities. She worked extensively with people who have disabilities to make sure their voices are heard and amplified throughout our communities. She is excited to continue that work with HFC.

Katie Markquart

Program Manager

Katie is the Program Manager for Highland Friendship Club. She oversees all of the awesome programs HFC offers. She has a degree in special education and has spent her career working with individuals with disabilities in both education and non-profit settings.

Heather Bunch

Heather Bunch is an Actor, Director and Teaching Artist based in the Twin Cities. Heather has over eight years experience directing original work and teaching theatre to adults with disabilities, working for such companies as Interact and KAIROS. Heather is thrilled to now be a part of the Highland

Ann Erickson

Office Administrator

Ann is delighted to serve as HFC's Office Administrator. Prior to HFC, Ann worked as an R&D project manager for a pharmaceutical company and Hamline University's Center for Global Environmental Education. Walking Daisy dog to the Mississippi River is one of her favorite things.

Wren Hopkins

Program Staff

Wren comes to HFC as a student of Hamline University who leads the Disability Services organization on campus and has a long history of advocating for people with disabilities.
HFC Programs that Wren Works: Glee Club, Art of Voice and Choice

Eric Nelson

Program Staff

Eric is a theatrical and sports aficionado with experience working with people with disabilities at InterAct. You can find him on TV at Childrens Hospital as "The Dude" as well!
HFC Programs that Eric Works: Boys Night Out, The Art of Voice and Choice

Heather Moss

Program Staff

Heather is a former corporate leader whose passion and love for people with disabilities has taken her to a new career path: HFC! We couldn't be happier to have her on board!
HFC Programs that Heather Works: Book Club, Musical Exploration, Mindful Movement

Holly Kampa

Program Staff

Holly is the sister of HFC member Stephanie, and is a senior in high school. She looks forward to learning more about HFC and the work we do from behind the scenes!
HFC Programs Holly leads: Saturday Night Fever, Move and Groove

Katessa Archer

Program Staff

Katessa attends college at the University of Minnesota where she is pursuing a degree in Applied Economics. She also works as a Real Estate Advisory Intern at Cushman & Wakefield.
HFC Programs that Katessa leads: Friday Fun, Birthday Bash, Cooking, Walking Club

Mason Ellingboe

Program Staff

Mason comes to HFC with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and a history of working with people with disabilities in the public school setting.
HFC Programs that Mason Leads: Community Club daytime programs

Nicole Knutson

Program Staff

Nicole is the first person in the HFC community to serve as a member, volunteer AND staff person! She is truly a dynamic and creative person.
HFC Programs that Nicole Staffs: Birthday Bash, Bowling, Friday Fun

Paula Keys

Program Staff

Paula is an Occupational Therapist at St. Paul Public Schools. She has background in working with children with a variety of disabilities for over 35 years in topics such as sensory processing and motor development.
HFC Programs that Paula leads: Bowling, Adventure Days

Scott Smith

Program Staff

I am a Computer Science major at the University of Minnesota with a passion for special recreation, specifically basketball. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs but my family is originally from Minnesota. Some of my other interests include entrepreneurship, skateboarding, and playing guitar.


HFC Member

"I love Highland Friendship Club. I have been a member for 13 years, and I have friends at HFC. I get to do lots of fun things like Glee Club, Move and Groove, Open Mic, Swimming, and Girl's Night Out. Staff is very patient and tries to help me participate. Highland Friendship Club is awesome!"