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Be a volunteer. Be a friend.

HFC volunteers are passionate, engaging people who see the innumerable strengths and abilities of our members. In every role, volunteers encourage HFC members to move past the fear of impossibility and into the realm of possibility.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Program Volunteers:

These volunteers have the most direct contact with HFC members by providing one-to-one support for HFC members at  daily programs. Program volunteers work under the guidance of HFC staff to ensure a quality experience for our members in a safe environment. We encourage our program volunteers to make a longer term commitment to the organization and to share their hobbies and interests with HFC.

Event Volunteers:

These volunteers have less direct interaction with HFC members, but their impact is invaluable to our community relations and fundraising efforts. Your investment of a few hours (or a few days) of your time and talents will help ensure the long term viability of HFC programming.

Office Volunteers:

These volunteers have no direct contact with HFC members but their skills contribute to organizational efficiency so that more of our resources can be directed toward member programming. Office volunteers bring specific skill sets that enhance the behind-the-scenes operations and external communications. Examples include IT, marketing and fundraising expertise.


Become a Volunteer

Three Easy Steps!

1. Fill out the Volunteer Application. The information in this form is kept confidential. It gives HFC your contact information to move forward in the process of becoming a volunteer. 

2. Next, you will be asked to complete the HFC Background Check form. This is a standard consent to a background check as completed by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. HFC requires a background check of all staff and volunteers that work directly with HFC members.

4. The final step in becoming a volunteer of HFC is to review the Volunteer Orientation listed below. Volunteer Orientation is a tool for any new volunteers, and it prepares you for what to expect when you arrive at a program.


HFC Member

"I love the activities and the people at HFC. Because of it, I had the chance to make friends like Jake. My favorite activity is cooking."